About Us

Hi, I am Yatin Bhole. I am an expert buyer who buys thing after a lot of study and after studying a lot of choices available in the market. For myself, I always buy things that are first I need, affordable and long lasting, generating decent value when needed to resell. While searching for a fridge I studied about different categories of fridges and realized not a large amount of material is available regarding types, brands, categories of fridges. So I personally needed to struggle a lot to find a dream fridge of mine.

So here with my team I am starting this blog to help others who want to buy the new fridge. You can contact us if needed guidance on specific fridge.

Disclaimer:- We don’t claim accuracy of information on this site. Reader should do his/her own result before taking buying decision. We just bring some facts to front which may not be applicable to everyone. We do earn when you click on suggested links. This site is supported by all you visitors.

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