Bosch 347 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (KDN43VL40I, Metallic)

Bosch 247 L 3 star

Bosch 347 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (KDN43VL40I, Metallic)
Bosch 347 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (KDN43VL40I, Metallic)
ModelBosch 347 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (KDN43VL40I, Metallic)
Auto defrostYes
Family sizemore than 4-6 people
Energy efficiency3 Star rating
Temperature controlAvailable
Thick InsulationYes Thick material to retain cold temparature
ColorMetallic color
Clean backYes
Stabilizer neededNo
CompressorSmart Inverter
Multi-air flow coolingYes
width: 66 cm
Height: 174 cm
depth: 72 cm
Storage347 litres total
Fresh food 266 litres
It has air fresh filter technology that kills bacteria and virus and fungus.
It also reduces the odor in fridge.
Reverse doorNo
Door lockYes
Toughened glass shelvesYes
ShelvesToughened glass
Number of shelves3
Door PocketsAccommodates large 2.2 litres bottle
FreezerYes, Separate 81 litres
At the top
Freezer capacity81 litres
Double DoorYes
Touch displayNo
Ice trayYes
Egg trayYes
Power source AC 220-240 v 50 hz
Power consumption221 units per year approx.
Weight of the Product190 pounds approx.
CrisperYes, large
Separate Fruits drawerNo
Anti-fungal/anti-bacterial gasketYes
Warranty12 months warranty with 10 years compressor warranty
IntallationFree standing
Noise levelLess noise

Bosch 347 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (KDN43VL40I, Metallic) is just an economical cooling refrigerator if you are looking for single door fridge. Bosch is worldwide well known brand for its quality products. Let’s see some salient features of this fridge.

Salient features of Bosch 247 L 3 star


Bosch is well known trusted brand in making home appliances. They are just excellent in there work with dominant presence in Worldwide. They are known for the quality products at affordable price. Bosch is a brand people like to buy for the good quality and durable products.


Bosch 347 L 3 Star Inverter Frost-Free Double Door Refrigerator (KDN43VL40I, Metallic)

Color and design

Nice Metallic look comes with attractive floral design. The color and design looks just beautiful in your kitchen. Also available in other colors too.

Frost free

You need not to worry about defrosting fridge manually. It is auto defrost or frost free fridge does not allow frost to accumulate. You can read about frost free fridge by clicking the link.

Family size

This is sufficiently large fridge with capacity of 308 litres. It is good for 6 or more people family. With such large size you can easily store your food without frequently visiting the market. Are you confused about what size of fridge is good for your family? You can read about size of fridge here.

Energy efficient

It comes with 3 star rating which is very satisfactory. It is very economical in price as well as operation. Saves energy and light on your pocket for energy bill. Yearly energy consumption is just 221 units per year when used ideally, which is very satisfactory. You want to read further how to reduce the energy consumption of the fridge well you can click the link.


You can control how much it should cool with a thermostat which is placed outside at the top. Just set it to less in cold season and to high in summer season so that your food is cooled effectively. Effective cooling of the food leads to effectively prolonged storage of the food.


Best feature in this fridge is large vegetable tray. The vegetable tray is of size which can accommodate large volume. It can be used as crisper which can prolong the time for which you can store the vegetables without damage.

Obviously everyone wants to keep the vegetables for the longer. You want additional tricks to keep vegetables and fruits for long you can read the link.

360 degree cooling

Come with 360 degree customizable cooling feature which helps to prolong the shelf life of the fresh food products.

It works by multi airflow cooling.

It uniformly cools items kept in the fridge in each corner of the fridge.


The shelves are all can be adjusted and removed if needed. It has toughened glass shelves which are sturdy and are very easy to clean. This is very good feature in this price range and other fridges give wired shelves in this range.


Bosch is known for products which are durable and economical. Like all other product here also they will not give any chance to damage their reputation. 12 months warranty on fridge parts and impressive 10 years warranty on the compressor is the main feature of this fridge that will attract you towards it.

Door lock

Do you have small children in house? You have to keep children away from cookies? Well this fridge come with door lock and key. The door can be locked if needed with the key.


Do you like ice-creams? Do you like frozen food and even ice. This fridge comes with the freezer that is massive in size it can accommodate almost 81 litres in it. The freezer compartment is at the top of the fridge. It has separate door to open. This feature is pretty powerful in making ice. It is at the top and can accessed without opening the fridge.


Comes with ice trays and tray to keep eggs. You wold love this feature as you need not to buy these trays separately from other place.

Door pockets

It can accommodate large bottles of 2.2 litres in its door pockets. Door pockets also have egg tray to keep eggs and small items.

Door seal or Gasket

The door seal or gasket is good and holds the door tightly. It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial gasket. Also effectively allows the cool air to stay inside it does not leak the cold air.


Being inverter technology compressor it works silently. Inverter compressor fridge are known to work without noise.

Vario Inverter Compressor

Bosch Vario Inverter Technology is a new generation of inverter compressors for refrigerators. This technology ensures that the compressor & fan can run at different speeds according on the load required by the fridge, making it cost & energy efficient.

It is capable of saving 40 percent if energy.

The capacity of fridge is adjusted automatically considering inside and outside condition by this new technology.

Intuitive mode Bosch 247 L 3 star

This additional function of fridge when it detects less use of fridge.

This mode is activated automatically when it detects less use in 8 hours and when fridge shifts to this mode there is energy saving.

This is useful when you are gone out for holiday.

It saves energy without affecting the inside temperature of the fridge.

So food is fresh for long term without spending extra energy.

Six energy-saving smart sensors

It add value for you as it has six sensors.

They detect inside environment of the fridge and they adjust use of energy of the fridge.

It helps by helping effective use of energy and saving energy for you.

Below are the names of sensors fixed in the fridge.

  • Defrost Sensor
  • Voltage Sensor
  • Internal Temperature Sensor
  • Ambient Sensor
  • Door Sensor
  • Inverter Motor Sensor

Retains coldness inside

Even after power cut this fridge Bosch retains cool temperature inside the fridge for at least 16 hours.

It can retain below 8 degree Centigrades in lower compartment and subzero in freezer.

Air fresh filters

This fridge comes with air fresh filters.

It kills bacteria, virus and fungus and neutralizes odor.

It helps to retain the freshness of the food with that fresh smell.

You will love this feature as it de-odorizes your fridge.

Vitafresh Technology

It has specially designed VitaFresh technology unique to this fridge.

It helps with large crisper to keep fruits and vegetables fresh for long period.

Cons Bosch 347 L 3 star


This can be large for smaller families with less than 4 people.


Needs more space compared to smaller fridge.

Basal drawer

There is no basal drawer for the dry storage for vegetables which do not need refrigeration like onions and potatoes.

Power consumption

In general double door frost free fridges consume more power than single door fridge.


Legs are not taller you may need to buy the stand separately.

Separate drawer for fruits

It does not have separate drawer for fruits.


It is not convertible fridge. Only one energy saving mode that is automatic.

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