How to reduce odor in fridge?

We daily use fridge for our homes and today’s homes are incomplete without fridge. With larger sizes of fridges with many features available we can store more and more amount of food for a prolonged period of time to consume it later. With variety of food stored in large amount in fridge some foods have good smell and some food s have unwanted smell may be called as odor. Here we will see how to reduce odor in fridge.

How to reduce odor in fridge?
How to reduce odor in fridge?

The smelly food you want to store for longer its smell can spread in the fridge all other food will have that stinky odor you probably won’t like. Here we will see how the smell spreads and how to avoid it from spreading. Following are certain stages to consider for keeping the odor to minimum or no odor at all.

  • Store food that is needed.
  • Avoid overcrowding.
  • Keep only food products in fridge.
  • Set appropriate temperature.
  • Quality of food.
  • Empty your fridge regularly.
  • Throwaway expired food.
  • Clean your fridge regularly.
  • Storage of smelly food.
  • Using frost free fridge.
  • Using fridge with inbuilt deodorizer.
  • Fridge deodorant.

Store only the food that is needed

Are you a compulsive buyer? Well many are! We buy many things at the market food outlet just to buy those. May be they are pushed with some offer on other items. You think you will consume it or it will be useful when some guests visit our house. We don’t like that item may be but we just store in the fridge to pull out later. We may forget that item for a while and it may make you aware its presence when the entire fridge starts stinking. It’s often late till you realize that your food in your fridge started stinking because of this one (often unwanted) item.

So buy and store only the food that is needed to you. Don’t buy things compulsively and keep in the fridge. This explains ‘how to to reduce odor in fridge?’

Avoid overcrowding

You don’t like to visit market very often? So does many!

To avoid frequent visits to market we may buy as much as possible in one go and try to store it to consume it later. Overcrowding a fridge is an enemy of food and fridge alike. The fridge cannot effectively cool the food if it is overcrowded. The air circulation cannot take place effectively. The food cannot be cooled effectively. This problem is particularly prominent with fridges that use convection currents of air for cooling the food like in direct cool fridge. But overcrowding of food can be a problem to even frost free fridges that use fans to spread cool air.

The overcrowding of food thus interferes in reducing temperature of your fridge and your food is wasted early and starts throwing stinky odor. You may like to read ‘how to select proper size of fridge?’

Avoid overcrowding of the food inside the fridge at all cost.

Keep only food products in the fridge

Sounds crazy? May be you are keeping only food in fridge!

But at some places like in some offices and labs other products are too cooled in the fridge. The other products may be the samples of medical labs taken to store transiently. The food intended to be used for food should be used only for food. You should keep a different fridge if it is needed.

Set appropriate temperature

Setting appropriate temperature is most important step too store food for longer. If your food is too hot it may be wasted earlier and may start stinking earlier. Set the temperature considering the amount of food in the fridge. Consider the environmental condition for setting the temperature. Consider the type of food before setting the temperature of the fridge. Some food may require deep freezing in freezer at sub zero temperature. So according to type of food it should be stored in appropriate compartment of the fridge.

Usually setting temperature guide is provided in the user manual of the fridge. Follow the instructions given in user manual for that. Each fridge may have different type of settings to set the temperature and different type of controls to set the temperature. Nowadays with arise of smart fridges those can be connected to your phone the precise temperature can be set with just few clicks.

Quality of food

Quality of food really matters if you want to store it in fridge. You should be cautious while buying food itself. If you try to store poor quality food in your fridge it will be rotten earlier and will start stinking. If you are planning to store the food for longer you should buy a good quality of food at the time of the buying itself. This way it may cost you few extra bucks but it is likely to last longer without stinking and headache later on.

Empty your fridge regularly

Periodically you should empty your fridge regularly. This essentially means store only the food you consume and finish. Emptying your fridge regularly and periodically gives you some time to clean the fridge and also gives some time for odor to go. Make sure you store the food that needs refrigeration at proper place while emptying the fridge.

Throw away expired food

Remove the food that has passed its expiry. Throwaway such food before it starts stinking. Throw away rotten and wasted food immediately. Unnecessarily keeping such extra food causes overcrowding in fridge and you fridge may gets stinky odor after some time.

Clean your fridge regularly

After emptying and throwing away rotten food, you should clean your fridge regularly. Disconnect your fridge from power source while cleaning. Remove out the trays and baskets. Clean them with water and soap. Make them dry. Buy the special cleaners made to clean fridge to make the cleaning process easier.

Storage of smelly food

Store the food with smell inside the fridge with special precaution. In fact storing food in fridge is an art. We learn it over some time of use of fridge. Keep the food likely to produce strong smell wrapped in the poly-ethylene and store it in a box with tight lid to it. Avoid the seepage of the strong smell inside the fridge and protect other food from stinking badly.

Using frost free fridge

The air circulation reduces the smell of the food especially the offensive smell. Frost free fridges have fan inside them which keeps the air circulating inside the fridge. Use this mechanism to spread the cold air inside the fridge. Cool the food kept inside the fridge irrespective of the place of that food inside the fridge. Unlike the direct cool fridge which uses convection currents the natural phenomenon to spread the cold air these fridges have fans that run intermittently or continuously.

This circulating air prolongs the shelf life of the food inside the fridge. You prolong the life of food kept inside the fridge. This is certain advantage of direct cool fridge over frost free fridge.

Fridge with inbuilt deodorizer

The frost free refrigerators which have mechanism to circulate the air inside may also have the deodorizer that is inbuilt. This deodorizer is generally located at the vents that circulate the air. These deodorizers contain the material that contains double benzene ring. This material absorbs the smell very fast. One such deodorizer is catechin. Remove these deodorizer after prolonged use. Dry them with hair dryer. Keep them in sunlight to deoxidize them.

These inbuilt deodorizers help in decreasing the odor and keeping the fresh fragrance of the food inside the fridge.

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Fridge deodorant

Additionally fridge deodorants are available easily nowadays. Keep deodorants inside the fridge to reduce the odor. Use those deodorants. These are helpful if your fridge is not equipped with inbuilt deodorizer.

Fridge deodorant

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