30 Safety tips to use refrigerator

30 Safety tips to use refrigerator

30 safety tips to use refrigerator
30 safety tips to use refrigerator

A fridge being day to day need of each house everyone is fairly familiar with its use. Very few people know the safety precautions needed to follow while using the fridge. Nearly all fridges come with a nice user manual with English language and also local language that everyone can understand. Many of them give these detail instructions which may vary from equipment to equipment. Here we will discuss safety tips to use refrigerator. These are are general in nature and are applicable to most of the refrigerator. Go through these tips so that you can get an idea about the safe use of fridge.

We will list those safety tips to use refrigerator and then we will discuss in details.

30 safety tips to use refrigerator

  1. Separate power outlet.
  2. Do not bend or press power cord.
  3. Clean power plug.
  4. Avoid damaged power outlets and damaged power cord.
  5. Power plug should not get damaged by fridge.
  6. Do not modify the power cord.
  7. Do not pull out or touch with wet hand.
  8. Proper grounding.
  9. Do not Keep heavy objects on refrigerator.
  10. Keep away from wet place.
  11. No inflammable material inside the refrigerators.
  12. No combustible spray near refrigerator.
  13. Do not cling over door.
  14. No dryer or incense stick inside refrigerator.
  15. Do not store medicine in domestic refrigerators.
  16. Avoid placing refrigerator near heating devices.
  17. When gas leakage open windows.
  18. Repair by only qualified engineer.
  19. Remove gasket while disposing.
  20. When strange smell disconnect power immediately.
  21. Check submerged refrigerator.
  22. Do not clean with benzene or ether.
  23. Disconnect power when thunder.
  24. No insertion in holes.
  25. Do not remove back cover.
  26. Do not leave lit candle on refrigerator.
  27. Keep fridge on plain floor.
  28. Recycle at authorized dealer.
  29. Carry the refrigerator with handle bar provided.
  30. Be careful while opening or closing.

A separate power outlet

Most of the time you may find your power outlet installed on wall is out of reach of power cord of fridge. In such cases you may think to use the extension cord. These extension cords are usually of substandard quality and with multi-plugs installed on them. You may find it convenient to plug in may appliances on same extension cord and that can be harmful to you and your fridge. The failure of such equipment may cause fire. This is one of the most important of 30 safety tips to use refrigerator.

Do not bend or press power cord

The proper care for power cord is to be taken. The power cord should be protected from the damage. Though power cords are nowadays strong and durable, they should not be allowed to bed excessively. The joints inside the power cord may get broken causing harm to the cord. There may be risk of failure of equipment or greater danger like fire. Do not bend or press power cord. It may damage the insulation and poses the risk.

Clean the power plug

Before inserting the pins into the plug the power plug should be observed carefully. Clean Any dust and water carefully before inserting the pins. The power button switch should be off while doing this maneuver. Any water or dust at the power plug may cause short circuit and fire as a result causing damage to equipment and life.

Avoid damaged power outlets and damaged power cord

Damaged power outlets and damaged power cord may cause harm while inserting the pins or while using the fridge. Replace such damaged parts with the electrician’s help before using the equipment. Damaged power plugs are cheaper to replace than replacing your damaged fridge or treating grievous injuries later on.

Avoid damage of power plug by fridge

If your power plug is located at the back of the fridge or located at the higher level and fridge is pushed the tension of power cord may go unnoticed. The power cord may get pulled and in extreme cases may be broken and the power switch may get pulled. This damage may lead to fire and failure of equipment. It may prove to be injurious to the user and people around.

Do not modify the power cord

With most of the fridges power cord is sufficiently strong and long. If your power plug is located at inconvenient place even this power cord may feel insufficient. In such cases you may think to lengthen the power cord by cutting and adding extra wire. If the power cord is long and you try to shorten it by cutting some length and then again connecting the ends, it may get damaged. This is the most harmful practice to do. Rather replace your power plug according to the length of your power cord. Do not modify the power cord.

Do not pull out or touch with wet hands

Pulling out and touching the power plug with wet hands is another dangerous activity. You may be busy in kitchen work and for some reason if you don’t have separate plug for equipment like mixer or grinder you may tend to remove the fridge power pin from the plug. In hurry you may try it with wet hands and the same occasion  may face the accident. Strictly make the rule that do not pull out or touch with t hands.

Proper grounding

Grounding in some places also called as earthing is done for the purpose of protecting the user in case current enters the metallic body of the refrigerator. Your house should have proper grounding. It reduces the intensity of electric shock and may save your life in difficult equipment failure.

Do not keep heavy objects on refrigerator.

Your fridge should be used as fridge only. It is just not made to carry heavy weight. Keeping heavy objects on your fridge may be dangerous and may damage your fridge sooner or later. Do not keep heavy objects on refrigerator.

No wet place

Your fridge should be kept in dry place. If the fridge is kept at place where splashes of water are frequently blown then your fridge may get damaged. If the insulation of wires is damaged it may cause short circuit leading to the fire and electric shock to the user and people around.

No inflammable material inside the fridge

Do not keep inflammable materials such as thinners and ethers and sprays inside the fridge. This dangerous practice may lead to explosion and fridge injury to you. Fridge is not the right equipment to keep such chemicals.

Do not spray combustible material near fridge

There may be little sparks when your fridge works. The sprays are highly combustible. There is high risk of fire if such highly inflammable material comes in contact with the spark. Avoid spraying combustible material near fridge.

Do not cling over door

Many people have habit of clinging on door and taking support of door while standing. This practice may damage the door pockets. It may damage the door hinges and fridge may not close properly leaking cold air. The leaking of cold air hampers the effective cooling function of the fridge and your food may get wasted.

No dryer or incense stick inside the refrigerator

The fridge contains refrigerant gas which may contain butane gas which is extremely inflammable. Some people use hair dryer or the burning incense stick to reduce the odor in the fridge. This practice may cause explosion and fire if there is gas leakage inside the fridge. Do not use hair dryer or incense stick inside the fridge. Click here to find a deodorant for your fridge.

Do not store medicines in domestic fridge

Domestic fridges are not that accurate in maintaining the strict temperature range. In such conditions some medicines may get damaged. Using improperly stored medicine may cause a big health risk. Do not store domestic refrigerator to store medicine. Use only specific fridge made to store medicines.

Avoid placing refrigerators near heating devices

Do not keep refrigerator near heating devices. It may interfere with the functioning of your fridge and it may damage your fridge. In some instances this practice may cause fire leading to major accident.

When gas leakage open the windows

As many refrigerators have butane gas which is inflammable. Don’t touch any electric switch if strange smell of gas leak comes from the fridge. Opening window will let fresh air to come inside and this butane gas to go out. More important it will save you and your house from experiencing the explosion.

Repair by only qualified person

Fridge is equipment that is specialized. It needs certain knowledge and skill to repair or fix the damaged part. Don’t allow just any repairman to experiment with your fridge as this may lead to larger damage and even fire and explosion. Repair the fridge only with expert qualified person in that work.

Remove gasket while disposing

Fridge is a bigger attraction to kids playing around. They may get locked inside and suffocated while playing. Dispose the fridge that is not in use in a safe place. Remove the door while disposing it or at least the gasket or door seal should be removed so that it cannot get locked accidentally.

When strange smell disconnect the power immediately

Disconnect the power immediately if there is strange smell coming from your fridge. It may be a sign of spark and burning wires. Cutting the power supply will prevent further damage and fire in your property.

Check the submerged refrigerator

Do not use refrigerator that was submerged in the water. It is possible that water entered in some parts and has damaged the part. It is also possible that the wires has got lost its insulation and leading to possibility of electric shock and fire. Call expert person to examine your fridge before using it.

Do not clean with benzene or ether or water

Benzene and ether are highly inflammable chemicals and moreover benzene is toxic and carcinogenic that is causing cancer. Do not use Such chemicals to clean the fridge. Even water is dangerous to use to clean the fridge as it may enter the electric parts and damage them.

Disconnect power when thunder

There are usually large power fluctuations at the time of thunder and lightening. If possible you should switch off your fridge in such conditions.

No insertion in holes

You may find many holes in your fridge. These holes work as air vents that deliver cool air to fridge compartments. Also the deodorizer is located in such holes. Inserting and pricking objects in such holes may damage the parts. Avoid poking the sharp objects into the holes of the fridge.

Do not remove back cover

Do not remove back cover of your fridge. There may be many electric parts that need to be covered. Opening back cover may expose such parts and exposing those parts may be dangerous as they may give electric shock to you.

Do not leave lit candle on refrigerator

Leaving lit candle on refrigerator is big mistake you should not do. The candle as it burns the fire reaches to its bottom near the fridge. Second danger is if it falls horizontal the fire directly comes to the fridge. Lit candle placed on refrigerator may cause fire and damage the users and also the fridge.

Keep fridge on plane floor

Your fridge should be kept on plain floor which is horizontal. In fact many fridges have the settings to its legs so that it can be adjusted for the ground. You should buy the fridge with adjustable legs. Or you may need to buy the stand for fridge that is adjustable, if the legs of your fridge are not adjustable.

Recycle at authorized dealer

The fridge should be disposed or recycled at the authorized dealer like any other electric equipment. The recycled parts can be reused and it helps to protect the environmental damage.

Carry the refrigerator with handle bar provided

Usually to carry the refrigerator specific handle bars are provided. The persons carrying fridge should know about it. Holding fridge at other site while carrying may damage the fridge. You may brake fridge parts.

Be careful while opening or closing

Don’t push or pull the door of fridge very forcefully while opening or closing the doors of the fridge. It may hurt the people around. Open fridge door lock before trying to open door. Pulling the locked door very forcefully may damage the fridge as well as it may bring the fridge down on your body.

Here we have tried to cover 30 safety tips to use refrigerator. We hope with these 30 safety tips to use refrigerator you will avoid major accidents and you will have better experience using your dream fridge.

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